Monday 9 October 2023

Todah Raba, Liz!

That's the Hebrew phrase for thank you. After his excellent sermon on Passover yesterday, Bob had almost a whole pack of matzos left. I don't think many people in the congregation had ever sampled unleavened bread before! I mentioned to Liz and Steph we'd probably be eating matzos for lunch.

Liz immediately WhatsApped back a recipe from the Waitrose site, for using up leftover matzos. It did look more interesting than serving crackers with salad and a bit of cheese, and it was quick too.
Matzo brei [it rhymes with fry] is described as 'a distant cousin of  French Toast'**

Serves 2

30g butter

2 spring onions, trimmed and finely sliced

2 Medium Free Range Eggs

2 sheets matzo

Soured cream, chopped chives and grilled tomatoes, to serve (optional)

1 - Heat 15g butter in a large frying pan over a medium heat. Add the salad onions and a pinch of salt and fry, stirring, for 2-3 minutes until softened; set aside. Meanwhile, in a bowl, lightly beat the eggs with a fork.

2 - In a separate large mixing bowl, break the matzos into 1-2cm pieces. Cover with cold water and leave for 1 minute, then drain and gently squeeze out the excess liquid. Add the drained matzos and softened salad onions to the eggs, season and mix together.

3 - Return the frying pan to a medium heat with the remaining 15g butter. When foaming, add the egg mixture. Cook for about 2 minutes, gently breaking up the mixture with a wooden spoon (see Cook’s Tip), then turn everything and cook on the other side for another 1-2 minutes until golden. Serve with a dollop of soured cream, chopped chives and grilled tomatoes, if liked. It’s great with sautéed mushrooms or spinach on the side, too.

Admittedly it doesn't look desperately appetising in the photo - I mixed my sauteed mushrooms into the eggs, and used some leftover creme fraiche, not sour cream.

But it was very pleasant, light and tasty - and as I had all the ingredients to hand it was easy.  I skipped the tomatoes and spinach though. I'll do this again [well, there are 6 more matzo sheets in the box!]

** what do you call French Toast in your house? Is it FT, Eggy Bread, or the wonderfully arcane term "Poor Knights of Windsor"?
My grandmother called this dish PKofW - there is still a group of 13 retired army officers today  They are based in Windsor and their history dates back to the battle of Crecy in 1346. I suppose this was a cheap and simple dish for impoverished men, based on stale bread and a few eggs. So poor that "They pawned their doublets and sat around in their singlets"!!
Thank you Bob for a good sermon, and Liz  [and Waitrose] for this very pleasing recipe to use up leftovers.


  1. Eggy bread! I'd never come across it until boarding school when it was a regular breakfast item. I suppose it's because slices of cooked eggy bread don't suffer from sitting around, unlike fried or scrambled eggs. Is it the same as pain perdu?

  2. I DO like eggy bread. It's so yummy! I quite like it with sugar on too so it's pancakey!
    This sounds intriguing and yummy! Kx

  3. Sounds like you found a very good way to use up the leftover matzo. :)

  4. I remember first tasting Eggy bread at Guide Camp! I've always called it by that name.

    1. I think it's popular with camps and schools and other people catering for a large group as it's easier to produce in quantity than egg on toast!

  5. French Toast for me please! Can't think of anything worse than soggy Matzos! Do they crisp up when fried?

  6. The taste is, surprisingly not dissimilar to eggy bread. I've not tried frying the on their own. I think if they go soft in the box, you'd have to crisp them up in a hot oven

  7. Years ago I worked as a nanny for a Jewish family and the would break up the left over crackers and add them to omelettes. Heather

  8. It is French Toast here in our home.
    Interesting recipe!


  9. I really like Matzos and haven’t had any for ages. You have now put me on the trail. French toast in our house but not too eggy for me. Husband likes crispy bacon with his. Catriona

    1. My husband likes bacon with almost any meal!

  10. That's an interesting dish. I must ask my Jewish friends if they are familiar with it.


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