Monday, 29 August 2011

One Amazing Day!

I just knew this was going to be an exceptional Bank Holiday when Bob got out of bed just after 7am and announced he was going for a run! I turned over and dozed- and he returned, full of energy and cooked breakfast. Then I turned on the PC and was astounded by the great number of blog comments [thanks everybody]radio 4 but quite overwhelmed that Rana [Tripoli Witness] had read yesterday’s post and made such a gracious comment. Which proves she is just as nice as I’d thought. Someone from the BBC read my blogpost! Woohoo!

We went off to Fosse Park to buy Bob some new running shoes, as his were in as parlous a state as my old pair. A quick coffee, and we bumped into Carole and family - then on to M&S to see what it would cost to have Bob’s suit trousers altered. Only £8 for the waist to be taken in – that’s cheaper than a new suit, and their tailors would make a better job of it than I could. But they can only alter up to 2” – he needs 4” removed – perhaps Sir should get a new suit? Forget that idea whilst he is still losing weight.

Then we attempted to get to the bank on the edge of the city – we wanted to pay in some cheques, and they have an ATM at which you can deposit as well as take money out. However every access road appeared to be closed. We finally got there, to discover it was right next to a Police cordon, and lots of police cars and officers.

exploding kebab shop

The pleasant female officer informed us there had been an explosion at 02.20 this morning. Apparently the Kebab Shop blew up! Mercifully there were no serious injuries. Details on the BBC site.

“What shall we do with the rest of the day? It’s only 11.30” said Bob. “My blogfriend Sandie mentioned a flower festival/craft fair somewhere beginning with ‘B’” I said. Umm…Botcheston, Barwell, Blaby, Bagworth, Barton-in-the-Beans…this county is full  of ‘B’ places! So we came home and checked the blog. It was Bardon Hill.

2012 catalogueThen the new 2012 IKEA catalogue tumbled through the letterbox. That is a treat for me to read later on this evening.

Steph rang for a brief chat, and we swapped news of our weekends

st peters

Off out again, to St Peter’s Church. As we got out of the car, a voice said “Angela?” and it was Sandie herself, with her sister Rita, She recognised Bob and me from the pictures on the blog!

How utterly amazing – we had never met before  - and it was wonderful to meet another blogfriend. Further conversation revealed that I had actually sent Rita a thank you card last year. When Sewing Club made the children’s dresses for Africa, Rita had heard about it and sent us some fabric. And I have taught her grandchildren whilst doing Supply Work! asapharts2The Fair was fun, and we enjoyed looking round. I spent quite a while talking to Lesley asaphartsHollingworth of Asapharts, a very enthusiastic Christian artist.

Into the church to look at the flowers – theme; “Women of Renown” and at this point, my camera batteries gave up on me.


I did manage to snap the Emmeline Pankhurst display, in the Suffragette colours of purple, white and green.

A quick pub lunch and we began the short journey home- but got diverted by a sign to the “Wood Fair”. This is organised in the nearby National Forest, by Leicestershire County Council.

It was tremendous fun – loads to see – chain saw carving, charcoal burning, willow weaving, chair making, all manner of country crafts, and artisanal food products. I watched a willow weaver at work who then presented me with a fish on a line! Bob took some photos [on his new phone this time]




Mark 8:24 says “I see men as trees walking…”



Here’s me, with willow fish on stick, standing next to yet another wood carving.

Please notice my new Prostate Cancer Charity Hoodie- this is my ‘Runner Of The Month” prize!

I love my fish.

Bob preached on John 21 yesterday and said that Jesus could multiply fish. He speculated as to “What’s 4 fish multiplied by 3 fish?” I told him that it is important to consider the relevance of the Decimal Plaice when answering such a question!

So what a thrilling Bank Holiday I have enjoyed

  • adventures with The Slim Running Man
  • a blog comment from a BBC journalist
  • an exploding kebab shop
  • a new IKEA catalogue
  • a great phone call from daughter #2
  • a new warm hoodie to wear on a cold wet day
  • meeting a blogfriend in person –Hi Sandie!
  • discovering a gifted Christian artist
  • acquiring a fish on a stick

Could any girl ask for more? Now a quiet evening knitting, and reading my new catalogue.


  1. What a brilliant day. I would have loved to visit the Wood fair with you.

  2. Certainly sounds like both an exciting and interesting day.

    I put the answer to your question on my blog in the comments section ;-)

  3. Would (wood?) you believe that we spent the evening rummaging below chestnut trees for conkers?!

  4. Hey what a great day it was too!
    Nice to meet you and Bob too!
    Rita told me later about the Fabric she sent you and i remembered her receiving the thank- you card from from you, it was on her sideboard for weeks, she was amazed you'd sent her one in the first place.
    Talking of plaice,jealous about the Wood Fair and your 'fish' LOL!

    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx

  5. I am exhausted just reading this. What a day! I like the picture of you very much, with your red shoes. You look quite svelte, my dear!


  6. I wish you could ALL have enjoyed the day with us! And thank you Frances for kind comment [don't think I have ever been called svelte before!]


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