Thursday, 31 January 2013

Scandi Style

scandi glassesWhen did this adjective ‘Scandi’ first arrive? It seemed to be appearing everywhere before Christmas. Is it all these police/political dramas popping up on our TV screens?

camilla-killingIs it a secret IKEA plot? I did succumb a couple of years ago to a set of six glasses which I thought were rather attractive. Then of course there are the ubiquitous Sarah Lund Sweaters which even have their own website [here]


But I have decided that there’s a new contender to rival Sarah’s Swedish Knitwear. I suspect that Borgen is being  sponsored by the Danish Scarf Industry. Look at this selection of pictures…

borgen scarves 2Borgen sc 1338 1339Borgen scarvesborgen scaves 4

Kristine, Hanne, Laura and Birgitte have an astoundingly large collection of neckwear between them. The other Saturday night I counted twelve different scarves in two hours [OK I am a sad woman!]

In the 80’s, Tie Rack used to give you a leaflet on ‘how to tie your scarf’ if you purchased one of their products – I suspect they are working with the Danish equivalent, or maybe this one

I must work on this, my scarf style seems to swing between Rosie the Riveter, Rupert Bear and Dick Van Dyke’s chimney sweep!

rosie sacrfrupert bearscarf divk v dyke

Sidse Babett Knudsen [who plays Nyborg] says that she thinks the Danish language “is one of the most ugly and limited around. You can't seduce anyone in Danish; it sounds like you are throwing up.” and helpfully adds that if you ever want to get lucky with a Dane, a good line to try is: "Hva så smukke?" ("What's up beautiful?") SBK not only ties her scarves with panache, she also speaks fluent English, having learned it when she was growing up in Dar Es Salaam. No wonder she got to be Prime Minister!!


  1. Somewhere on YouTube there is a video of 25ways to wear a's a fun watch and quite educational. I learned a couple of new "knots". You could practise while you're confined to your chair!

  2. "Luxe" is another new adjective that I am sure hasn't been around long. Seems like an easier way to say luxurious, which might not look so appealing on magazine covers, perhaps. It irritates me, though.

    Hope you are doing OK and recovering...

  3. I wondered where she got her accent from - it's quite a strange English sound she's got going on there. We also have a theory that they are sponsored by a lighting department. That artichoke one is amazing.

  4. I love scarfs, I got in to them after the mastectomy and nowadays, I rarely wear my prosthetics, instead covering up with a scarf.

    Hope you had a restful nights sleep

    1. Thanks Jen - I had a really good night - woke up this morning to realise that for the first time in ages, I hadn't been woken by knee pain in the small hours!

  5. I am rubbish with scarves. Love being wrapped up in them, but it's more pragmatic than style-setting! Hadn't heard that adjective!

  6. I have lots of scarves that I've collected over the years even L borrows them to set of an outfit and she is only 13. Loved the scarf film. must go and practice now.

  7. Scandi? Never heard of it!
    You can never have enough scarves...although I only have two ways of knotting them.
    Jane x

  8. I love scarves, but can't do much with them except wrap them a couple of times around my neck and call it good.

    "Scandi" is not a word that gets bandied about much here. I'll see if I can get a trend started and report back.


  9. Ha! Before I watched that, I thought, "I cannot believe I am about to watch a video about tying scarves but it was very good- I am going to try the Pretzel!
    It's like Regency men- those dandies who could tie their cravat in all sorts of fancy way that would become the latest rage! Love this neckclothitania- wish I could do them!

  10. i love the video and must practice something different from my usual knot.....some of them look so glamorous (but I think I'll give the bikini a miss).
    I have a book on different ways of tying different kinds of scarf.
    I keep it on the shelf in the downstairs loo next to the one about different ways to fold a napkin !! Just in case one needs something educational to pass the time in there.......


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