Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Not this one

No, magazines with simple titles. Liz and Steph have given me a subscription to this magazine as a birthday present for the last few years. My RS magazines are neatly stored on the bedroom shelves


I have enjoyed RS enormously – but it’s beginning to repeat itself, so I suggested to the girls that they do not renew it in April.

Liz went abroad just before Christmas, and brought back another ‘simple’ magazine for me to read.

This one was free in the Carrefour Supermarket!


I’m fascinated that a French mag has an English title. Although its 4 weeks since Liz gave it to me, I have not read it carefully yet. My French is not up to the standard of Elizabethd, Alison-the-Dormouse, Floss or Mags, so I know it will take me hours of deciphering.

  • how come so many of my blogfriends are such fluent Francophiles?
  • is this a “magazine de magasin”?

I am saving the mag for next week when I am convalescing after Wednesday’s op. This week I am concentrating on getting things straight round the house. I am not good at sitting down and resting, so I need to have a pile of reading materials and a craft project in readiness beside the sofa.

The-Simple-Things-launch-coverI haven’t read this one yet – it is from the ‘Mollie Makes’ stable.

Their website is attractive to read – but I suspect their brand of ‘simplicity’ is a little more expensive than mine!! [rope doorstop, £60, anyone?] [yes SIXTY POUNDS!]

Je suis une femme très simple avec peu d’argent.


  1. I have made a radical change to my magazine habits as part of my savings strategy and my faith journey this year - two for the price of one - and committed to not buying magazines in the supermarket/newsagents at all, but I have taken out a one-year subscription to Woman Alive, a Christian women's monthly (£23). I have two hopes - that I am not tempted by the ones I used to read, and that Woman Alive is good, since I haven't actually seen a copy, only read from the website!

  2. Hope the op is really straightforward and that you recover quickly : )

  3. My mother's indulgence was Vogue. She loved to look through it in the knowledge that although she would never afford the clothes, she would be able to glean ideas, and make her own.

  4. Yes, that's Carrefour's magazine de magazin! We don't shop there often, so I've never read it, but I enjoy the free one we get from Truffaut, the garden centre (which is another shop way beyond my means for most things...) Enjoy your reading during recuperation! I'm also planning a stack of things to do while I'm in hospital with Son 1 - knee ops seem to be à la mode!

  5. I will send you the Salmon Fishing in the Yemen DVD to watch whilst you recuperate, if you would like to borrow it?

  6. My Mum used to send me the BBC Vegetarian Christmas magazine until one year the magazine seemed to be a compilation of Christmas past.
    Jane x

  7. I love Real Simple but don't purchase it often. I'm working to simplify my home this year. Oh dear, what a job! Praying things go smooth Wednesday.

  8. Moi aussi! Gueris vite, notre tres chere amie x

  9. Je me demande s'ils l'ont intitulé <> pour éviter le choix dificile entre <> ou <>. Much simpler to use the English "you" which can give no impression of over-familiarity.

    (Uneasy feeling that I have just written some very American French and possibly left out a subjunctive somewhere.)

    Hope the operation and recovery go well. :)

  10. I never buy magazines but got the Simple Things magazine. I like the fact that it's encouraging an appreciation of the everyday and the ordinary, and the artwork is of a very high standard. Not so keen on all the 'simple' consumer stuff - Boden hats and scarves, Swedish wooden birds at a high price etc. And the rock cake recipe in my edition just doesn't work, despite halving the amount of liquid! If you pop me your address via my blog email I'll post it to you for reading material next week, so you can see it for yourself!

  11. Thank you so much, I'll be in touch


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