Wednesday 10 November 2021

En Garde!

In 1995, when we moved [with two small children] from a modern flat with radiators throughout, to an older house with gas fires downstairs, we needed a fireguard. A friend kindly bought us a Mothercare Nursery Fireguard. It served us well for a few years - then spent a couple of decades out on loan to various friends with toddlers

And now it's fixed round a fireplace in Manchester, to keep George safe. I am really pleased that such a sensible piece of safety equipment has served so many children. And it remains in excellent condition.

Walking back from the Post |Office yesterday, I spotted a similar model leaning against the fence with a "Free" sign attached. I stopped and looked. The affable guy was leaning on his gate chatting to another passer by. "If nobody takes it, it will go to the tip, but somebody will find a use for it - take it if you want it" he said. I carted it back up the hill. I have plans to make some sort of "plant cage" to keep the birds off my crops next year! Its a bit rusty, but OK.

He also gave me some apples "Use them as eaters or cookers" he said "This is the last of my crop for the year, I'm giving them away" . I used one in a lunchtime salad with green leaves from the raised bed, apples and walnuts, topped with sliced cold sausages. 

The village is proving to be a good place for unexpected freebies. I am thankful!

Have you found any serendipitous freebies lately?


  1. My Mum just picked up something similar from someone in her town for the same reason. I had about 15 massive cooking apples from a house too locally. It's definitely good to have plant protection.
    Quite a few of my plant pots were obtained similarly

  2. That fire guard picture brought back memories!! My parents had one like that to keep us away from the gas fire. Very sensible!

  3. I remember those fire guards from my years growing up in England. The only fires we have had here have been in enclosed wood stoves or a "zero clearance" fireplace with glass door.
    Our local landfill is a good source of freebies at times. I passed up on a solar flowerpot with illuminated flowers and a knitting machine, but we got a couple of items that could be adapted for other uses.

  4. Our local waste site occasionally has something good. But not often

  5. That's so nice that you were able to pick up the fire guard and receive some free apples, as well. I have done some "curb side shopping" as it is sometimes called, here, too. :)


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