Sunday, 9 January 2022

Joy #2

Psalm 30 verse 5 reminds me that "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning"  When conducting funerals, Bob often prays "that our grief may be neither overwhelming, nor unending" This is an encouragement to me - in these dull grey winter days, it would be easy to fall into the Slough of Despond and give into self-pity. 

I was struggling a bit in the middle of the week, and then the doorbell rang. There was Nick, our Pastor. He looked a little confused "This letter has arrived at the chapel, but addressed to you, so I thought I should bring it round" [What a kind bloke!] It was the most beautiful hand made Christmas card.

Exactly the word I needed to hear, right then, and inside it read

OK, it was a few days after Christmas- but what perfect timing. It comes all the way from New Brunswick In Canada. I had to look that up [it's just north of Vermont, which we visited in 2004] and was made by somebody who reads my blog.

Thank you so much, Judi, for making and sending it, and for the lovely letter too [Do please email me again - your original message hasn't arrived!] 
My Mum always counselled that "If you are feeling sorry for yourself, don't sit about moping, get up and do something good for somebody else" - and such actions usually result in a return of joy. I ho
pe I can pass on the joy in the week ahead.  

And as I look again at the words inside the card, Joy's crafting has inspired me to think about perhaps making a start on creating my Christmas Cards for 25.12.22. 


  1. I really like Bob's prayer and I like your idea of getting started on those Christmas cards! :)

  2. What a wonderful sentiment, and somehow fitting that it arrived later than usual. Keeping that message firmly in your mind when it might have been lost slightly amongst all the other cards.

  3. What a wonderful gift at the right time!

  4. How wonderful! It's amazing how these things arrive just when we need them!

    1. And yet we continue to be surprised by God's goodness, don't we?

    2. Exactly!! We need to look again at God's promises!

  5. I always love how God takes a simple caring act and enlarges it into an even greater blessing.

  6. This was so perfect!


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