Friday 18 March 2022

Belt Up!

Years ago, I bought a small 'occasion' bag. The sort which simply holds a hankie, a phone, and keys. It was a light tan PU  [imitation leather] , ideal for church on Sunday, summer events, and had a strap which could be worn long [across the body] or shorter [from my shoulder] There was one zip right across the top. It came from M&S and was mostly just exactly  what I wanted.

Except for one fault. Its centre of gravity was somehow wrong, the straps were attached too low. So if there was anything in it, it immediately tipped and hung with the zip at the bottom. And if I'd not fastened the zip properly, everything fell out. After a while I got so frustrated, and Bob suggested sticking the strap along the side. The bag continued to tip and the glue came away, along with the top surface of the material.

I cannot donate a damaged, faulty bag to a CS - but I'm reluctant to just bin it. My solution-  remove the strap, and the short length holding the buckle. Re-attach the buckle to the other end of the strap - and voila! a neat, slim belt which I know I will wear.

I have checked the M&S website- the straps on their current range are all fitted higher. I wonder if they had complaints?


  1. You could still use the zippy bag section to store something spare things in the bathroom cupboard? Very clever repurposing!

  2. Glad you are able to repurpose the strap!

  3. I agree with Kenzie and Bless, great job! You really use your imagination with these items!

  4. Thanks everyone - it is good to have a slimmer waist again too


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