Wednesday 16 March 2022

Pandemic Post

Did you catch the story last week about the new stamps? Royal Mail held a competition last September, for children and young people to design stamps commemorating 'Heroes of the Covid Pandemic' There were over 600,000 entries. This was whittled down to 120 finalists, and Prince Charles was asked to choose the winning eight designs. Here he is with some of the winners

And here are their designs

As well as medical workers, there's a lab technician, a hospital cleaner, a food delivery driver - and of course, Captain Sir Tom. 

You can read about the individual stamps, and the ideas behind them on the Newsround Website [here]

They are all the same value - 1st Class [Male and Female] and they will be available from Wednesday March 23rd.

Well done to all those who entered a design, and special congratulations to the winners! One lives quite near here. It is good to have Norfolk represented. Excellent artwork, Connie.


  1. What a lovely project! Well done to the winners. No teachers on Zoom there!

    1. Two of these children are from the same school - there must have been great encouragement from their teachers! I think those working in education have done a brilliant job through the pandemic. Why is there no stamp celebrating them as pandemic heroes?

  2. That artwork is amazingly good, very talented children.

  3. What a brilliant way to choose the new designs, and aren't they all so good.

  4. It's so good that there's that recognition.

  5. What wonderful designs! They are all excellent.


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