Monday 27 May 2024

Holiday Update #4

All continues well, but weather rather less sunny. We cut short our day out yesterday because we both felt tired. Back at hotel by 3:30, which was good. We were safe inside when the massive cloud burst happened at 4pm. Today we bought filled baguettes for a picnic lunch, but the rain came just as we were about to eat. So we repacked them in our bags, and jumped on the Metro back to our hotel. We had a HOT lunch in the restaurant round the corner. 
The picnic became our evening meal, eaten in our room! Random questions:
  • Why are so many Metro stations sorely lacking in escalators or lifts? The Paris bid for the Olympics stressed that they would make disabled access & travel across the city easier. [see BBC report
  • Why do the couple in the next room come in around 11:45 each evening, and both have long showers and noisy conversations till 1 in the morning? 
  • Why is the tea so awful? [and why did I forget to pack my own teabags?] 
  • Why are there so many little dogs, on long leads, in the busy city streets? 
  • Why has Tati closed? The glorious cheap&cheerful homeware store has gone the way of Woolies and Wilko... We went into IKEA instead! 
I DO like the Paris 2024 Olympic logo. It is very cleverly designed. And it's everywhere, all over the city. 
PS thank you for all your kind wishes for Liz on her birthday. 


  1. Not been to Paris (or France) so, wouldn't know the answers to those questions, but, perhaps the couple in the next room are night owls like me?

    1. I'm sure you are a night owl who would be considerate towards sleeping neighbours!

  2. We had our honeymoon in Paris in 1994. It was over New Year and everything was closed!
    The hotel room was so small that we had to lift the suitcase onto the bed to walk around the room then back onto the floor to get into bed! We had to repair the plumbing before we could use the shower and borrowed cutlery from the breakfast room so we could eat our New Year's Eve picnic perched on the bed and a little stool. All the restaurants that weren't fully booked were outrageously expensive, hence the picnic. We did, however have a bottle of champagne!

    1. We have had our evening picnic in the room almost everyday. Cheaper, and fun

  3. I"m glad you missed the downpour. Great idea to have a hot lunch, since it was no longer picnic weather. I seem to remember that midday meals are good value in European countries. There is something about settling in and eating in the room after a busy day, it becomes a kind of refuge!

    1. Midday meals ARE good value, and we prefer not to eat out evening meal too late. All bags packed, early start for home tomorrow


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