Tuesday, 28 October 2008

And They All Lived Happily Ever After













Busy getting ready for Friday Night's Alternative Halloween Party, on the Saints and Superheroes theme. I have decided not to go in costume - I have finally had to admit that I am just not tall enough to be Xena, Warrior Princess! The children are going to make mini-books. I've prepared one, which will print out on an A4 sheet, then with some nifty cutting and folding will end up as A7 size, about 7.3 x 10.5 cm. They love making these.

You can find a good tutorial about making these books here, on the Toymaker Site.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA







Last night's group were incredibly welcoming, and very apologetic that they were so few in number. It didn't bother me - I would rather have an appreciative audience of seven than a roomful of fidgetters!

Did supply for a year 1 class, and the literacy lesson was interesting. They are studying "Traditional Tales" and they had to decide who was the goodie and who the baddie in various stories. Some were not too hard to sort out [Fairy Godmother = Goodie, Troll in 3 Billy Goats Gruff = Baddie]

but what about these characters...

Goldilocks - she broke in to the property, stole food, and vandalised the place.

The Gingerbread Man - very proud and boastful.

Red Ridisnow white2ng Hood - disobeyed mother's instructions about taking shortcuts, and made rather personal remarks about Grandma's appearance.

Jack acted stupidly, disobeyed his mother's instructions regarding the sale of the cow, and then broke into the giant's home and stole things. And damaged the beanstalk.

The Seven Dwarfs [Dwarves?] shamelessly exploited a homeless orphan girl and made her their skivvy, cooking and cleaning all day.

Of course, the added complication to any of these is that today's child only knows the story via Walt Disney's Syrup-Laden Interpretation. And furthermore, as the 'traditional' family unit is less common now, is it helpful for stepmothers to be classed as 'wicked' and half-sisters as 'ugly'?

Disney's heroines all tend to be tall and slender. I realised long ago that I would always be short. Unless I find something to stand on - as the song says

Some day my plinth will come...

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  1. Looks good - hope the evening goes well. Last night at Girls' Brigade someone used a pumkpin lantern with a smiley face to talk about Christ's light being within.

    Might pinch your mini-book idea for another time.

    I guess for those of us of more petite proportions there are always Tom Thumb and Thumbelina... or even Stuart Little!!


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