Friday, 7 November 2008

For Chairman Bob!

IM002932-1 Some lovely autumnal flowers, which arrived for Bob on his birthday.

I don't have a proper pedestal vase, so I did the Martha Stewart Cheat thing and put a white china sugar bowl on a smaller [inverted] white china dish.


The office chair in Bob's Studio is looking very worn and heIM002933-1 asked me if I could do something to improve its appearance.

So once I had tackled the ironing mountain, I found some fabric in The Great Stash and made new covers. Quick and easy - they are basically elasticated circles like Giant Shower Caps.

He is pleased with the result - and so am I [more using up of the GS, and therefore another problem solved without spending any money!]





  1. Hey that's great, it looks new and much nicer then the original upholstery. BRAVO!!

  2. Thanks Tori - I was worried that it was a bit zebra like - but it looks OK.


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