Thursday, 5 March 2009

A Bevy Of Bookworms...


A class of enthusiastic readers hiding behind their favourite books! And mercifully not one "High School Musical" in sight. I was pleasantly surprised by Kipling's "Just So" stories, some lovely poetry books, and a number of non-fiction titles, such as Encyclopedias, and books of amazing  facts. A number had brought in some of Jenny Nimmo's "Charlie Bones" books.cvr_midnight I have been reading this book to the class, a few pages each day - the whole year group are listening to it this term. And the kids have loved it - 25% of the class have managed to get their own copies of the first book [Midnight for CB] or one of the follow up novels. I think it is so encouraging when you introduce a book to children and they get enthusiastic about it themselves.

I admit I hadn't read any CB myself until I was asked to read it to them , but I am quite enjoying the plot! We are due to finish it tomorrow [which will be my last day with them] I am not really into this type of story - but I thought it was way better than Harry Potter [apologies to those of you who regard such a statement as heresy!]

Steph texted me to say as well as "Phyl" from "The Railway Children" she also dressed up as a "Little Women" character for WBD back in 1992. I cannot remember which sister she was though!

My friend Kathy, a resident in the local home for the Blind, came in today [as she does every Thursday] to listen to children in the class read. During this time whilst I have been working with them, I've given her a lift home afterwards, as it's on my route [and I am not required to stop for the Staff Meeting] Today was the last day for that, and Kathy surprised me with me a small gift addressed to "Angela - Minister of Transport"!!! Some sweets and also a copy of a book of prayers which she has written and had published. What a kind thought on her part. And so lovely to receive a book on World Book Day!

I shall perhaps put one or two of them on the blog. But not now - I've got to get a meal cooked because we both have meetings to go to. This is another one of those crazy weeks when we are out every night.


  1. It was 1996, and I would like to think I was Beth!

  2. I think I wanted to be Beth too - or failing that Jo - whilst I knew that really I was Meg! No regrets at not being Amy or Beth in real life and am probably nowadays closer to Jo than Meg. Happy memories of BBC 1 Sunday serialisation too.


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