Saturday, 28 March 2009

Meeting and Greeting


This morning went Very Well! Our church hosted the Annual Meeting of the East Midlands Baptist Association. Becky Nicholls, the EMBA Administrator had worked incredibly hard to get everything planned thoroughly and it all came together brilliantly.

dianne tidball Dianne Tidball, our Regional Minister, led the day, and about 250 people came from near and far, to worship, and do business, and to listen to a great sermon from the Baptist Union president. Dr John Weaver.

As usual, the team at KMFC were fantastic! People were there from the crack of dawn to help prepare refreshments, organise PA, do the music, organise the carparking, greet the visitors...and all the other jobs that need to be sorted for such a day. Some had been there earlier in the week to set up microphones, arrange flowers etc.

john weaver

It was a good time of fellowship, and I am so pleased and proud to be part of a hard-working, loving church which can offer such gracious hospitality to visitors like this. We ended our meetings at 1.30pm, and quite a crowd stayed on to eat their sandwiches in the Church Hall, and continue chatting and renewing friendships. It was 2.30pm by the time Bob and I got away - and as I was a bit remiss in not preparing any sandwiches for him, I took Bob down to the local pub for lunch. That was fun too!

beckynicholls Then it was home to get all the stuff sorted out for tomorrow. We just remembered the clocks go forward tonight - so I will make a real effort to get to bed a little earlier. Here's a picture of Becky - looking a little less stressed than she did at 8.30 this morning!

And now I have just remembered it is Earth Hour so I shall have to go round the house and switch things off! But probably NOT Bob's PC or there will be no sermons tomorrow...


  1. That sounds like a very inspirational day. What a good idea to finish up with lunch together!

  2. I enjoyed it greatly. Thanks to all who worked hard to make it happen.


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