Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Poetic Justice



Supermarket trolley, Oh Supermarket trolley

Discarded and forgotten like an outdated song

Do you remember the time when,

Chrome-bright and jolly,

You danced like a dodgem

Through the fruit-weighing throng?

I know some would accuse me of sentimental folly

But I'm sad

To see the drowning

Of a supermarket trolley

Your mesh is enmeshed now with river weed and slime

And the letters on your handle

Are irreversibly smudged,

And though I could simply say

That you've fallen on hard times,

It gives me unexpected pleasure

To believe you're being judged

For all those times in some crowded aisle or other

When I pushed you one way

And your wheels

Went another...


My Lenten Gift for today is to give you a smile, by way of this poem from Gerard Kelly. Do check out his website, there is some great stuff there.

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