Thursday, 19 March 2009

Here's Some I Made Earlier..

image I wanted to produce something for the MacMillan Sale on Saturday, so I used one of the bookmark designs from the CD I got last week at the NEC.

I printed off 2 sheets [8 bookmarks] cut them out, and then attached them to slightly larger pieces of coloured paper.

The sewing machine was out, so instead of doing the normal thing and sticking them together with a Pritt stick, I zigzagged the 2 bits together - which gave a pretty pattern on the underside too.

Then I laminated them and put a ribbon through the bottom [the yellow ribbons came from a friend- she gave me a whole bundle of them, each one 12" long - I have no idea what their original purpose was!]

It took less than one hour to make 8 Easter bookmarks. What should I charge for them?


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