Friday, 6 March 2009

Pray without ceasing!

wwdp Today is the Women's World Day of Prayer. Here is the logo.

According to the WWDP website

"The symbol of the Women's World Day of Prayer was designed in 1982 for the service prepared by women of Ireland, both north and south, and was then adopted as the International Logo.

The design comprises arrows converging from the four points of the compass, four figures kneeling in prayer, the Celtic cross and a circle representing the world and our unity through all our diversity. "

I've been praying a lot today - first that my class would complete all their unfinished tasks before their regular teacher returns from convalescence, and second that Bob and I would have the energy we need for the next three days.

hothorpe He has just gone off to Hothorpe Hall for our deacons&spouses retreat weekend. That should be really good - but I shan't be joining him till later tonight, after I have preached at a WWDP service in another nearby village.

I am trying to get myself ready for preaching, ready for the weekend, and generally wind down after a rather frenetic day in the classroom. Unfortunately it now seems that there is a possibility that my colleague may not be fit to return to school next week after all, and I may still be needed to provide Supply Cover. I will cross that bridge when I come to it!

The WWDP service always follows a set formula, and this year's is no different. This year's theme is "In Christ there are Many Members, Yet  One Body" - and I am just taking three simple points

  1. It means support - as members of the body we care for one another [1Cor 12:12, Acts 4:32] in good times and bad
  2. It means sharing - the call to evangelise [ Matt 5:16, Matt 28:19] We are not a secret society, or a club just for our own benefit, we have a gospel to proclaim
  3. It means salvation - Jesus has died for us, to make us part of the Church, His body. [John 3:16 etc] Do you know Jesus as Saviour?

So that is the outline of my talk, included especially for my friend Freda in Norfolk, who said on Monday that she noticed I am always giving mini-sermons on the blog!!

Now I shall pack my bags, feed the dog, and get going!!

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  1. Lovely post! And sometimes a sermon's just what we need! :)

    BTW I posted an update on hubs's job situation on my blog.



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