Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Burden of Sin

Three days ago, my Sunday School class were continuing their study of Hebrews and the men and women of faith - and our need to 'lay aside every weight' and run the race set before etc. The book suggested getting the children to wear a heavy backpack and see the difference it made to their progress when they ran round the room.

At the After Church Coffee, people saw me with it and asked if I was going hiking - so I explained it was my Burden Of Sin.

IM003331 I loaded a bag with the suggested items- labels for Jealousy, Hatred, Disobedience, and Selfishness, a TV mag and a catalogue [to represent things that pull us away from God] and two dumb-bells labelled "SIN"

The lesson went well, the discussion was good and the activity was fun. But Sunday was busy and I was tired. I got home at lunchtime and dropped the bag in the hallway, just inside the front door.

IM003329 For three days I have ignored it, stepped round it, tripped on it, and stubbed my toe. I think it got in Bob's way too [not to mention our poor arthritic dog]

Finally, this morning I dealt with it, moved it, and took out the contents.

It was hindering my progress and yet I tried to pretend it wasn't there and avoided dealing with it. Excuses - I am in a hurry, I am too tired, I can do it tomorrow, it's a fairly small bag, I didn't hurt my toe that much, maybe Bob will sort it out when I am at school...

Well it is done now, and I feel much better [and can go off and do an afternoon's teaching knowing the dog won't trip over it in my absence]

What strikes me is this - we are all prone to treating our real Burden Of Sin in the same way. Avoiding dealing with it, making excuses [I'll do it tomorrow, it's only a small sin, I'll let the Pastor sort it out, it's his job...] Why don't we just run back to our loving Father and accept his grace and forgiveness? Everything feels so much better afterwards!

Jesus is seeking the wanderers yet;
Why do they roam?
Love only waits to forgive and forget;
Home, weary wanderers, home!
Wonderful love, wonderful love,
Dwells in the heart of the Father above


  1. So much easier to leave it on the floor and tiptoe past!

  2. So true Angela!

    A great children's and grown-up lesson!

  3. The burden of sin in the hallway that you have to walk around ... what a great illustration of what most of us do everyday (I definitely do). It's amazing I haven't broken a leg yet ...



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