Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Going Up Aloft!

At half term I began the process of Tidying the Loft. It was in a Bad Way. here are some before pictures...





Over the past few months, I am afraid I have dashed up the ladder, grabbed a bit of fabric here and a ball of yarn there, and shot downstairs again, in order to make stuff [Elf costumes for Mark, aprons for Sewing Club etc] and then the Christmas stuff came down and went up again, in a somewhat disorganised fashion.

The little message Steph made me years ago resolutely clings to one of the rafters though...


I am about halfway through the sorting process now - lots of bags of gone to the Council Tip, others in the recycling bin, and some stuff to the Charity Shop.

You can now stand at the far and and see clear floor space all the way to the hatch...

IM003277 The boxes of fabric have been sorted and tidied - and much of the blue and white stuff is now cut and waiting to be sewn into a patchwork quilt.Silly little bits of fabric have been chucked. Ancient school worksheets have been rigorously culled and consigned to the shredder.

The boxes of Christmas stuff have been tidied up and stacked neatly.









Here is all the wool and fabric reduced to just a few stacked crates.

So much better than that massive heap of split carrier bags. It is amazing how much less space it takes up when you fold it [and iron it!] properly!!








What is most amazing is that, having sorted all the stuff, I have DOZENS of empty boxes and baskets.


A couple more days and I should have everything shipshape!


  1. looks great - very impressed!

  2. It's looking great Angela, lots more room. I bet your getting plenty of exercise going up and down out of there.

  3. Wow I am so impressed! That must have been an absolutely mammoth task!

  4. Mammoth, Chrissy? some of the stuff up there is so old it pre-dates dinosaurs!
    Mandy - I find it is cheaper than belonging to a gym
    Steph - please come home soon before it all gets untidy again - and whilst your bedroom is still tidy too!!


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