Tuesday 7 December 2010

Bob Thinks He Is Banksy!

Look what he did to that knitting Nana on my Shreddies Box!


Last year I made up a knitting pattern to knit my own Shreddies [large enough to be a Pencil Case] I even sent details to Nestlés, but sadly they were not interested


I’d give you the pattern – but I seem to have mislaid it!

Having added a moustache to Nana, we felt she looked rather like Gio Compario – whose Christmas single is in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Oh go on – it’s only 89p from Amazon, and 25p goes to charity! I have just downloaded it – even though I loathe the song, and Bob cannot stand the GoCompare ads!


[in real life, Gio Compario is Wynne Jones, an accomplished Welsh Opera singer from an exceedingly musical family- and he does lots for charity]


  1. Hi Angela, I loved the Gospel singers at Fosse Park, what a happy bunch, I could have listened to them all day.

  2. Well that is an advertisemant that we switsh straight off!
    I love the idea of knitting your own cereal, have always thought that someone knitted Shredded wheat!


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