Monday 6 December 2010

Deck The Halls…

I have just clambered up into the loft and fetched down all the Christmas Decorations, in order to ready [reddy?] the house for the festive season.


I am beginning to think I have rather too many bits and pieces – this somewhat unstable heap is actually taller than I am! The blue cloak is not part of the decor – that is going up the ladder, having been in use at GITP on Friday.

The long green thing is the over-mantel that Bob made to save our mantelpiece from being damaged by wax drips – and give me a surface I could pin things to. The red carrier holds my gorgeous Willow Tree Nativity Figures

I did love Floss’ recent comment about getting out ‘the greenery and reddery’ – Green, red, gold and silver are my favourite Christmas colours.

Now I must vaccuum the lounge before the Gadget Show starts, then I can start putting things up in there! I am not sure what I shall do in the Dining Room – we have not replaced any hooks since we redecorated. I guess that room may be a bit minimalist this year [hurrah! cheers Bob – who is always so patient when I go OTT each December]

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  1. I'm sure it will look beautiful. I like Floss's "greenery and reddery" too!


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