Wednesday 8 December 2010

Les ours sont heureux !


This beautiful Christmas Card greeted me when I got to school today! Albert and Annick seem delighted with their outfits.

I’ve really enjoyed myself working with my pupils – one has gone on holiday this week – so I finished early, and was able to watch the youngest children perform their Christmas Production.

Called “A Present for the Baby” it was the trad Nativity story, with a twist. All the usual suspects turned up at the stable, but the baby Jesus wouldn’t stop crying. He cried all night [this amused the parents enormously] Messengers were sent to find someone who could quieten Him. All sorts of people turned up - a band, princesses, ballerinas, a herd of elephants [?!] but finally it was two little children, who had nothing to give but a kiss, and their love, who proved to be the answer.

“Love is worth more than all the gifts in the world”

Brilliantly acted by the children [and produced by the staff] It is never easy to find a production suitable for so many tiny children, but this one fits the bill exactly. Good songs, appropriate for their ages [full of good words and number facts – so rehearsals are a learning time] It is yet another offering from the Out Of The Ark company.


  1. Interesting blog, especially the crying baby Jesus. I was once in an Anglican Church happily singing "little Lord Jesus no crying he made" when a very upper middle class lady turned round to me and said "well he wasn't fully human then was he?"

  2. Sounds like a truly sweet play. :-)

  3. Aah, and not a dry eye in the house, no doubt!
    Jane x


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