Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ditching The Duvet

scoutsI had an old duvet, and an artificial Christmas tree in the loft, along with a load of old CDs and some books. They have been in a box waiting to go somewhere else – but none of our charity shops will take duvets.

The Scouts Rummage Sale, however…

I delivered them all to the Village Hall this morning before the Prayer Meeting. It was extremely satisfying to return this afternoon and see a lady buying some of the books, and a man happily carrying out my duvet which I’d packed into a distinctive blue bag!

I am afraid I did succumb to a very dirty spoon for a mere 20p – but with a bit of polish, I have a treasure! Lovely for serving trifles



  1. It's a very pretty spoon, Ang.

  2. Ooh, I have a lovely 'new' feather duvet from our charity shop! I'm glad yours got a new home. And that spoon is fantastic! Is it silver?

  3. No Floss, it's EPNS - but still pretty nonetheless.

  4. I'm sure animals charities would accept duvets too. You now HAVE to make a trifle to test the spoon for 'schlooooopiness'
    Jane x

  5. I worked in a charity shop and we wouldnt take used duvets but you will find animal charities or dogs homes will take them.

  6. I'm imagining potential reasons for refusing duvets - must stop as they are all exceedingly unpleasant to contemplate.

    What a very pretty spoon!

  7. I've known horse stables to take old duvets - to keep the horses warm in winter.

  8. Our local dog rescue kennels are always happy to receive duvets and other bedding.

  9. I work in a charity shop, we take used duvets, old clothes not of saleable quality & rags and sell them to the "rag man" who recyles them. It makes money for the charity, I thought most charity shops would do this.


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