Monday, 19 November 2012


I am in Cheltenham this week for the Annual Planning Conference of the Women’s World Day Of Prayer [having been on the National Committee since September] I confess that I am a little apprehensive – not altogether sure quite what is expected of me.


However I have been asked to take one Christmas card with me, addressed to ‘my friend on the Committee’. Apparently these are all put in a basket and then we each draw one out [presumably not the one we just put in!] This is, quite sensibly, a way of ensuring we all get a card, but we only have to give one each, rather than two dozen. It is a large committee. But I got the distinct impression that this is a Significant Event [mainly because at least 6 people made a point of telling me about the custom!] So clearly we are not meant to hand out a cheap Poundshop greeting! What to do?

I began by turning the WWDP logo into a cross stitch design


This logo represents women kneeling in prayer all round the globe – N,S, E, W, with the cross at the centre.

I mounted my stitching onto a tag made from Christmas paper, and put a hole and eyelet at the top. [I frayed the edge of the rectangle of Aida, and stuck it down using double sided tape]

Then I made four more pieces of stitching, with the themes Love, Joy, Peace and Hope and mounted them on tags too. I wrote appropriate Bible verses on the reverse.


Then I took a piece of card, which had a different Christmas print on each side. It measured 30cm x 15cm. I folded up the bottom 4cm, then did ‘concertina' folds, to get a card 7½ x 11cm, which had four pockets. I strengthened the pockets using very narrow strips of double sided tape down the edges and the folds.

I stuck the Logo tag on the front, and tucked the other tags inside.


I wrote a greeting on two pieces of paper to put on the back


And finally attached ribbons with brads so that the card can be tied neatly to slip in the envelope


I hope ‘my friend’ will like her card, and have a happy Christmas

[yes, I have checked, we do put our own name on it. If we signed it ‘from your friend on Committee’ it feels rather like a 10 year old sending an anonymous Valentine!]


  1. Wow, Angela - that is a Christmas card and a half - it is beautiful, and so much thought and time put into it - your friend on the committee who receives that should treasure it!

  2. Fabulous - please could I pinch some of this for our church family card at church? (Unless I run out of time and then it'll be my paper cut nativity!)

    1. Of course you can Lynn! It is my design, not copyrighted, and I am happy to share it if it can be used to bless others xx

  3. That is a beautiful card! You have put so much thought and effort into it as well. I am sure that the recipient will treasure it.

  4. Wow, that's a stunning card - it'll be a real blessing for the recipient :)

  5. well I can say you went above and beyond with that card, really well done. It will be a very lucky person who picks out your card.

    Gill in Canada

  6. You will make someone very happy indeed!
    Jane x

  7. what a lovely card i am sure the person who gets that will be chuffed
    regards tess

  8. I think that will do nicely!!

  9. There certainly won't be another card as beautifully made as yours...and I foresee that there will be lots of copies made!

  10. That is beautiful. Whoever receives it is a very lucky person. I hope they will treasure it for years to come.

  11. What a great card. I should think the person receiving it will be very pleased.

  12. What a thoughtful gift-card. Someone will be blessed.

  13. Wonderful! Thanks so much for providing the tutorial!


  14. Wow, that is beautiful! I'm sure whoever receives it will be thrilled.


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