Saturday, 10 November 2018

A Bit Of An Enigma

I saw an old friend recently and we were talking about the 1980s "Do you ever hear from X?" I asked. "Only at Christmas - a long screed listing the children's achievements" came the reply.
Most parents are proud of their kids. But as I said to Bob, I know my girls have done well academically, achieved good jobs and generally they're doing OK by most people's standards. But what makes me really proud is that they are good and generous women. They share their time and resources to help others, helping with charity appeals, volunteering for things, and they're really thoughtful.
I cannot post much today - I'm in London briefly. My two wonderful daughters are taking me out for the evening. All I know is that it is something about Bletchley Park and very hush hush! But I'm so looking forward to whatever they have got planned, and being able to spend time with them. 


  1. Beautiful photo of beautiful people. Enjoy your

  2. You have every reason to be proud of them! Hope you have a fun evening. Maybe you'll get a code to solve!

  3. I think what you say is so important. Being a high flyer but a selfish jerk is not what one should aspire to. Working hard and having a good heart is far more crucial.

    I think of pupils I've taught and the best ones and the ones I never forget and I always miss are those ones. I had several just like that last year and I truly miss them.


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