Sunday, 25 November 2018

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Yesterday was the switch on for the Ferndown Christmas Lights. Bob and I were in the town centre from 10.30 - 6.30. Lots of setting up, and packing away - with good stuff in between. He was in charge of PA for the whole event, I was helping with the joint churches stand - organising "Get in the Picture" again. In Kirby, we took the pictures, and then put them on a website where people could access them- now it is so much easier, people use their own phones [although we offered to take the photo if everyone in the family wants to dress up]
Rain was constant - another November Saturday when I came home cold and wet through. Attendance was significantly down on last year. But it was good to be there and over 60 families came and had pictures taken by the manger. Bob left the sound desk at one point, and Jenny and I persuaded him to be a Star in the Stable*. Here is a Wise Man presenting Mary and the baby with a an empty biscuit tin!
I am not sure why there is a sheep lying in the manger.
Bob took his glasses off because the Magi probably didn't wear spectacles. Jenny and I preferred to keep things in focus.
I had to put the old curtain on the floor - each pitch was marked with spray paint- and we had a large number 13 which we didn't want appearing in the photos.
Don't forget that Advent starts next week.Please comment below if you wish to join in our Advent Pause


  1. I must of been reading the story wrong all these years...i thought it said Gold, Frankincense and myrhh 😂

  2. Very cute picture! Too funny about the sheep taking a nap in the manger!


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