Wednesday, 14 November 2018

A Chorus Line

A colourful rail of garments on hangers - skirts, shawls and mob caps for the two dozen girls in the play who are in the chorus. As well as singing all the songs, they also have to bustle along in the market scene.
Originally I had hoped these 8 year olds would be able to bring in an adult's skirt from home which could be pinned at the waist to make them an ankle length skirt. But so many said "my Mum and my Gran wear trousers all the time" it proved easier to just make them all.
It's a wonderful stash buster ; a rectangle 30" x 45". Seam the short sides, hem the bottom, and thread elastic through a simple casing at the top. 
I've recycled all sorts of fabric - curtains, dress lengths, sheets, tablecloths. 90% of these play costumes are made from repurposed fabric. The OED may have declared "single-use" the Word of the Year, but it's not a concept I encourage.
I'm really enjoying the sewing, especially since my overlocker was serviced. But when I took the project on I didn't expect to be teaching every morning. I couldn't have got so much done without Bob's support. 
The performance is next Wednesday - but I need to get everything finished by tonight for final fittings tomorrow afternoon.
Domestic chores will just have to wait! 


  1. You are so good to do all these costumes for the school. What a star you are! And now teaching every morning too. I don't think I would have the energy!!!

  2. In my house, domestic chores often have to wait!! Well done as always on what you have achieved.

  3. Well done! You are amazing! I hope those costumes can be used time and time again!

  4. You truly are amazing for sewing all these costumes in addition to everything else that you do!


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