Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Date Night!

Or more accurately, date afternoon. Tuesday is Bob's day off- and we try and keep that one day each week to be together, away from other responsibilities. But this week, I was teaching on Tuesday morning, and he was at a School Governor's meeting in the evening. So we decided we would squeeze in a 'date' in the afternoon. 
With our Meerkat Movie Pass, and our 'seniors' status, we were able to get BOGOF cheap tickets for the Odeon BH2 in Bournemouth. The new multiplex opened last year, but we'd not been before.

I got in from school, and we drove over to the cinema. We went into Prezzo, where they were doing a lunchtime meal deal. Bob had a pizza, which he said was pleasant and quite spicy. I had the "Beetroot, puy lentil and butternut squash salad, with garlic bread". That was utterly delicious. I was a little disappointed that the 'soft drink' which went with the deal had to be a cold drink, I fancied a cup of tea [which was actually cheaper than the soft drinks on  the menu] but the waitress said if I had that I would have to pay full price. But otherwise it was a good meal.
Then into the cinema. We were in Screen One. I was a little overwhelmed by this. There were only about 40 seats, and Bob had prebooked our places [there weren't above a dozen other people in there!]
Just look at this! Huge double seats, with individual electrically operated reclining position and footrests. Plus a proper little table beside my right arm-rest for my bag, and a cup holder for my coffee!
[and yes I am wearing purple tights!]
We went to see Peterloo [In August, I blogged about the film here] It was exciting to realise some of it was actually filmed in Manchester!
It was a great film - and at the end a number of the cinemagoers applauded [how frightfully British!]
But I'm busy with school prep etc right now. A proper review will follow later.
I consider myself so blessed to have had an uninterrupted afternoon with Bob in the middle of his very busy week.


  1. What a nice date! Your lunch looks super tasty!! Mmmmm... shame about the tea. I'd have wanted the same!

  2. Am looking forward to Peterloo - glad you enjoyed it. Love a posh seat in the cinema


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