Friday, 9 November 2018

Ang's Anagrams

I've just earned the Old English Word tracen which means , among other things, to be on a set course, or following somebody. Well I was on set course, queuing behind others on Saturday evening.
I was attempting to reset a password for an online issue, and thought I could canter through the process, but got stuck in a loop

I went to the chatline, and discovered I was #81 in the queue, and the average time of waiting was 18 minutes. It was 4.24, and the chatline closed at 5. 
Should I go and put the kettle on, do some sudoku, or practise my cretan stitch whilst I waited? Instead I doodled anagrams.
By 4.43 [you are #19, average waiting time 15 minutes] I began to recant of my decision to attempt the exercise.
At 4.56 I had almost fallen into a trance, when ping! up popped a message- "hello, you are through to Rahul, how can I help?" I explained the problem, and after giving him two letters from a significant word, he said things were unlocked and I would get a code to my phone.
Goodbye! [it was 5pm, presumably he'd gone home to bake more cakes]
So I went back to the Nectar website. And still got nowhere - but the chatline was closed.
Fortunately my account is shared with Bob - he managed to get in and order our double-up points vouchers. 

But what a performance, just to turn £10 into £20!


  1. Haha, sooo many anagrams! Are there any more, I wonder?

  2. An amazing canter through from start to finish. Enjoy the £10.

  3. I thought I was the only one who did this! Nice to know I'm not alone. When I'm lying in bed at night I do this in my head to fall asleep. People think I'm weird but I am very much a "word" person.

  4. That's almost better than sudoku to give the brain a workout!


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