Thursday, 21 March 2019


I keep forgetting to post these pictures, but this was at the tail end of our day trip to Bath [see how blue and clear the sky has become]
On our journey home, we skirted round Salisbury and passed the main branch of In-Excess, which is a local discount chain [reminiscent of Trago Mills in Cornwall, but smaller] We pulled into the car park and had a brief wander round the shop [it was almost closing time] Then when we came out again we noticed the Jurassic Surroundings behind us.
Round the car park were the most humongous animatronic dinosaurs!
If you put £1 in the slot, they moved and roared.
I had no change, and decided to wait until Rosie is with me [and a little older - currently she is not fond of experiences which involve what might be termed 'mild peril']
I don't know how much it has cost the company to install and maintain them. But in the past 5 years since they arrived, they have raised well over thirty thousand pounds for the local Hospital Trust. Well done In-Excess for such a crazy, but generous project.
The display is very popular with children - watch the video clip below. If you are near Harnham, A3094 [South West side of Salisbury] it is worth making a quick detour just to see these amazing creatures. [apologies for late post. Been enjoying a lazy morning in bed! ] 


  1. A lazy morning in bed sounds very sensible.
    Dont like the roaring beasts!

  2. Rosie is a sensible girl - avoid mild peril whilst you can.

  3. What a wonderful idea and how exciting!!! I'd like to see those!x

  4. What a great idea! Hope Rosie will enjoy seeing them when she's a bit older. :)


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