Monday, 23 November 2020

A Different Sort Of Advent Pause

For the last eleven years, I've done a "Pause In Advent" series- the idea originally came from Floss in France. The instructions have always said something like 

"The idea is that every weekend during Advent [starting this year on November 29th] you post a thought/ reflection/ whatever about the true meaning of the season. It need not be specifically Christian - just share something to make us pause and step back from the tinsel and trappings, and the crass commercialism which often obscures the real Christmas. If you are interested in taking part, please leave a comment on my blog, and I shall add you to the list on the right"

But this year everyone's Christmas preparations are 'up in the air'- we aren't dashing round the shops, meeting friends for coffee, squeezing into a space at the back of the hall to watch the kid's Nativity Play, making 3 dozen sausage rolls for the Annual Party. So maybe we're already going a little slower. "Pause" seems somehow inappropriate - some folk are almost at the state of paralysis, scared to do anything in case they catch covid19. 

But even if we are at home [whether shielding, furloughed, WFH, or just avoiding going out] or still out at work [maybe on the 'front line' nursing, caring, teaching, providing essential goods and services etc] I thought it would still be good to do something during Advent. Here's my header for this. 

If you'd like to join in, please leave a comment, and I will add you to the sidebar. 

And to cheer you along, here's a lovely new Christmas song from the brilliant Rend Collective in Northern Ireland


  1. That's a lovely idea! Aside from not doing my music and church activities, my life doesn't feel totally paused, although I'm not completely losing my voice through overuse from all the myriad choirs and rehearsals I usually have though! But I'd love to join in please Ang.

  2. Pretty header for Advent! Well, I was thinking to myself, just the other day, how every year people were being told to cut out all the mad rushing about for Christmas and, I guess, that's what we'll be doing this year?! I will not be attending any family gatherings, this year. I am hoping my daughter will be able to come home, but, am not sure about that, either.

    I would love to participate, again, this year, too, please.

    1. Thank you Bless {I picked up your other message too!]

  3. Every year my church does a series of Advent meditations (we also do it for Lent). We have either one speaker with a set theme or a series of speakers. Normally it is held Wed. at noon followed by a lunch and we normally have around 30 people attending each week.
    This year we are going virtual - the talk will be available via YouTube on the Wed. and on the Thursday afterwards you can Zoom in to discuss the talk with the speaker.
    I'm normally working at the church on these days and I organize the luncheons - I find them to be a lovely way to pause during the day and just focus on the season.
    I can post the link once we are ready if you'd like - talks this year will be Dec. 2, 9, 16.
    Otherwise - it will be a very quiet Christmas - spent with my one other person that I'm allowed to mix with. We are back in lockdown as of this morning so no shopping or parties - but I will do a bit of decorating and I will send cards. I've already promised to throw a Christmas in July party once we've all been vaccinated.

    1. Thank you, it would be kind of you to post the links

  4. Yes please Angela, as and when I can.
    It seems years since I met Floss when she came to visit us in Brittany. I often wonder how she is.

    1. She and her husband still doing well in France - lots of involvement in projects to help refugees. Her 'little boys' are grown up, now both students.

  5. Hi Angela, could you add me to the Advent list?


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