Monday 6 February 2023

Unexpected Change Of Plans

I had envisaged a 'domestic' weekend- a bit of tidying up, some work on the cross stitch, and finishing off my latest bear on the Saturday. Then Sunday, people were coming to 'church' here at the beautifully redecorated Cornerstones [can't use the chapel for two weeks due to major electrical work, so we are worshipping in homes] I'd booked the two of us in for lunch at the pub - I thought the smell of Sunday lunch cooking might be a distraction for the worshippers! And I'd thought I'd just chill out in the afternoon...But the best laid plans etc...
Friday evening, Bob had a genius idea "Shall we go and see the snowdrops at Oxburgh Hall?"  I had been reminiscing about our trips to Kingston Lacy back in Dorset. The KL bulbs I have planted here have only yielded one tiny flower this spring. So we packed coffee flasks and set off early on Saturday morning
It was lovely - and most of the house is open again following all the reroofing, and treatment of the death watch beetles etc.
There were quite a few visitors, including these jolly Red Hat Ladies from Bury St Edmunds.
I bought a little pot of snowdrops to plant near my other one.

The Mary, Queen of Scots embroideries are back on display, and the volunteer guide was incredibly knowledgeable - I learned a lot more about them. And the snowdrops were splendid.
Then we set off for home down the country roads towards Watton. We had a delightful light lunch in The Olde Windmill and got home early afternoon.
I began to plan out what to do next [tidying up, drawing out my cross stitch pattern etc] Then my phone pinged - Rosie and co were making an unexpected lightning trip to Norfolk, were we in?
Tea and cake is waiting! I replied [I'd been given a large bag of black bananas on Friday and made a couple of cakes - one to eat, one to freeze]
It was lovely - Rosie politely asked for a sleepover and we said 'yes, if your Dad collects you before our church visitors arrive' . That was agreed, and we managed to get the family added onto our Sunday lunch reservation too.
The sleepover was fun
"Church" went well
Pub lunch was excellent [thank you, all at The Angel]
And then it was all quiet again as the family drove away
Many of the 'domestic tasks' remain undone - but who cares? 
I was able to enjoy the beauty of the flowers.
I learned more about the Maryan Embroideries
I enjoyed some lovely food
I spent precious time with the family
I had a proper 'Sabbath rest'
For all these things I am truly grateful. 
I do hope you had a good weekend too


  1. 'Tomorrow is another day' is my usual response to a list of domestic tasks! And also 'family first' whenever there's a timetable clash

  2. That all sounds marvellous! I think it is important to be adaptable like that. Sometimes, I think people can forget that. I ended up doing no work this weekend and I loved it!
    Hope you are well.x

    1. Very well thank you - very pleased that the vertigo is gone

  3. Definitely a good way to spend the weekend! Dust, if you must...and all that! Love FD xx

    1. Housework can wait if there are children to enjoy

  4. Sounds like a very fun weekend, Angela. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the opportunity to go on an outing and spend time with the family afterwards. :)

  5. Sometimes it's the last minute changes of plans that give us the most magical time isn't it. It sounds like you had a wonderful, if slightly unexpected weekend. xx

    1. You are right, the unexpected things often bring magic and sparkle into a humdrum week

  6. When an unexpected idea is suggested by either of us, it is prefaced by these words- “grow old along with me, the best is yet to be”. We then go off on an adventure which may just be a walk round the Loch or an u expected invitation to coffee. Catriona

    1. Yes, you are right. I have known people who CHOSE to continue to work well past retirement age - then suddenly become ill, or pass away - and their lonely spouse regrets they never had time to spend their "Golden Years" together. Simple pleasures- a walk outside, a chat in a coffee shop, whatever, just enjoying each other's company, is a blessing denied so many people.

  7. What a delightful change of plans, starting with Pastor Bob's lovely idea!


  8. What a lovely weekend agenda! Chores can always wait and energy is gained from having a good time!


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