Monday, 25 August 2008

All done!

The bathroom is all finished! I'm especially pleased that my picture goes so well with the colours. It is only a cheap print, free from a magazine about twenty years ago - but my Dad framed it for me when we moved here. It is just the right shade for the walls. I am still struggling to get pictures and text combined on this blog, so will simply put them all at the end in a row and hope it works!

When it was all done and tidied up, and photographed, the corner looked bare - so I put a plant there. It is gorgeous and I think Bob has done a brilliant job laying the floor.

Cannot quite work out why the walls look a slightly different colour in each shot. I think the last one is most accurate.






  1. Great job! Can your hubby come and do my bathroom as well? :)

  2. It looks so clean and tidy!

  3. Bob says he will do your shelving if you pay his air fare!
    blessings, Ang x


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