Friday, 1 August 2008

Crafty Kids

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   IM002735IM002718  I still haven't quite mastered this arranging of text and photos thing. Keep losing bits of words or edges of pictures. I am just blown away by the artistic skills of these children. The pink pig was done by a 6 year old [unaided] The pipe-cleaner rowers and skiers were made by 8 and 9 year olds. We let the top group do a slightly different craft on at least one day and they brought in pictures and papers to collage mirror frames.



We finished the session with a lovely fish'n'chip lunch, which David collected for us from the Desford Chippie. We sent him on his way with spare worksheets and craft bits for his club next week.

Clearing up went well and all the things were rapidly sorted and put away. Displays went up in the chapel ready for Sunday. Then we came home and collapsed!











Last night's Barbecue was excellent- almost 250 people there, enjoying games and hotdogs and good conversation. Bob had rigged up a superb awning to cover the two BBQs in case of rain but the weather was fine, so we all rejoiced! We don't charge for the evening, just put out buckets for donations, and through the generosity of those who came, our costs were completely covered.

I am too tired to think straight or type properly! It has been a splendid week though, and a great opportunity to work together with a group of good friends. It was wonderful to go round the group rooms, and hear staff explaining things like believer's baptism, and the importance of prayer, to the children. I wonder what their parents make of it all - when the children go home singing

"He's my Ace Foundation, my Ace Foundation,

I'll build my life on Jesus, and what He says to me"

I just pray that lots of them turn up for the service on Sunday!

Right now, I just want to sleep!

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