Tuesday, 5 August 2008

We're all Going on a Summer Holiday...

We are here in Dublin, having arrived safely yesterday afternoon. It is raining. Hard! Fortunately last night we were booked into the Holiday Inn by the airport, so didn't have to worry about finding a campsite. Unfortunately yesterday was a Bank Holiday - so attempts at picking up food for the evening to eat in our room were not too successful - we were reduced to watching the Simpsons whilst munching on Pot Noodles from the ill-equipped Spar Shop!!
We have just eaten all we could at the excellent all-you-can-eat-breakfast-bar! [paying for this with some reward points, so it feels "free"!]
Irish TV is in a 1970s/80s timewarp - woke up to 'Are you being served', 'Benson' and 'Falcon Crest' - most bizarre!!
Anyway, this is the end of luxury for a bit [bed, shower, teamaking facilities, Internet access] off now to the Wicklow Mountains in the mist and rain. Oh, and thunder, which has just started outside!!!
Still finding ourselves singing all the Holiday Club Songs - they have burned themselves into our brains!!

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