Friday 26 December 2008

For our friends


It's OK - I am not at the computer today - I have done this as a publish later post. I hope it works- otherwise some people may have their Christmas surprises spoiled!

In England, the 26th of December is called Boxing Day - traditionally the Lord of the Manor gave a 'Christmas Box' to each of his servants.

We do not have servants, but we do have lots of lovely friends.


I wish we could give everyone a gift to show how much we love and appreciate them, but we aren't that rich.

Bob likes to make sure everyone who contributes regularly to the Worship Group at church each week has a small token of appreciation. This year they are all getting key-rings.

One side embroidered with a treble clef [my bit] the other side, a graphic [Bob's work] Thank you, to you, good people, who hold the key to good music in our services!

IM002954 And then I have prepared some tins of ginger "Button Biscuits"for the deacons. I thought the buttons were particularly appropriate - after all, these wonderful, spiritual men and women are the ones who help hold the fabric of church life together![The recipe for the biscuits is here. They are really nice when dunked in a cup of tea.]

Thank you all of you - it is a privilege to be able to serve the Lord with you. May He continue to bless and guide our fellowship throughout the New Year.

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