Friday, 26 December 2008

Come on and Celebrate



The family spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day


Not one but two Nigellas in the kitchen


Both working incredibly hard to prepare a fabulous Christmas Lunch.


Once turkey etc in the oven, we went to church, then came home to open presents.











We had splendid food - lots of healthy veggies to accompany our happy free range turkey.


Followed by a cranberry, grape and pomegranate Pavlova, and a surprising Girdle-Buster Pie!

Then Bob and I went to the Church where Gillian and her team had served Christmas lunch to around thirty people, many of whom would otherwise have been on their own for the day.




We all went upstairs into the Chapel, to watch Her Majesty on the big Screen. God Save Our Gracious Queen!


After that, the Pastor declared himself to be officially On Holiday, and buried his nose in a book.

Rudolph has appeared every year since about 1986!


Boxing Day we wanted to do something together as a family,so we went ten pin bowling. None of us is very good, but it was all great fun. Steph took most of these pictures on her new camera!




When we got home, she made a fabulous turkey pie, topped with sweet potatoes.

stephs pie

All in all a lovely time. Hope your Christmas was equally good.


  1. Ha! Some of us managed a score three times what Barack Obama could achieve! (Mind you, once he's President, he probably has his own Presidential Bowling Alley in the White House)

  2. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas.

    I like the little keyrings and tiny biscuits, what a lovely gift.

  3. Ok Angela - questions - are you the lady sitting opposite hubby? (Nosey aren't I?) LOL
    And secondly please please please tell me how you manage to fit so much into your days - a) do you have a 40 hour day? or b) do you never sleep - lol!!
    Love visiting here.

  4. Yes, I am the one in green opposite Bob [not daughter Liz, also in green sitting next to him!] I fit in lots of fun stuff by avoiding stuff I probably ought to do [dusting, ironing, decluttering etc] and I have an incredibly tolerant husband who manages to live with that. He is also better at bowling than the women in the family, as he has pointed out!!!!
    The worship group liked the key rings, not heard how the deacon's biscuits have been received yet!

  5. Looks like you had a lovely day! Thank you for sharing your pictures. I took my camera to our family gathering at my brother's house, and forgot to take pictures!!


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