Monday, 7 June 2010


Earlier today I was working at the PC when the phone rang - a wrong number. But I was amused and prepared a post about it. But it will not publish!
No idea what 'Live Writer', Picasa and 'Blogger' are playing at. But somewhere along the line they are conspiring against me. Bob has spent some time trying to sort it- but he is busy with other stuff.
I will try to post this direct from my Blogger Dashboard. But things may go quiet for a while ...


  1. Hi Angela,
    So sorry you are having trouble posting. I've been having a little trouble too with the left, right, center button for the pictures. For some reason, it has turned into a drop-down button and isn't working as well as before. It is giving me a fit! I'm thinking Blogger has a few bugs at the moment. :-)
    Hopefully, Bob will be able to help you sort it out.

  2. As my mothers would say 'the perversity of inanimate objects'...

    Probably a server is down somewhere in outer cyberland and getting it reset necessitates contacting the unhelpful desk outsourced to lesser nowhere... and probably today everyhting will be fine again for no better reason than none.


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