Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Give Him The B-B-Blinking Oscar!

kings speech

Definitely the best film I have seen this year!**

This film is superb – with a stellar cast headed by Colin Firth [as he tried to make his first speech, I was conscious that the entire cinema audience were holding their breath, willing him to manage it!] I was riveted from start to finish. As well as CF, Geoffrey Rush was excellent as Lionel Logue, the Aussie speech coach. Timothy Spall was wonderful as Churchill, Helena BC quite convincing as the Queen, and then there was Anthony Andrews, Michael Gambon, Derek Jacobi, Claire Bloom…[almost all the usual luvvies – apart from Helen Mirren, who was in the other Royal film!]

Some people may be offended by the language in places – but I understand it to be an accurate representation of Logue’s methods. The earlier radio play by Mark Burgess [first broadcast in 2009, and repeated last week] certainly suggested that to be the case.

It came out earlier in the States, and the Americans apparently love it - even though it portrays their own Wallis Simpson in a poor light.

The portrayal of the King’s determination to overcome his stammer is utterly believable – you desperately want him to succeed. I found the film quite moving in places.

The film ends with the nation at War and the King making his speech on the radio. Here’s the original…


It is well written, beautifully filmed, and well worth going to see

[**actually, it is the only film I have seen this year!]


  1. Have heard so much about it, and hoping it might come here in 'Version originale', in other words, in English, not dubbed.

  2. I loved this movie, too. Have to say, I never felt a strong kinship with Wallis Simpson despite our shared nationality. Really, I feel like y'all sort of took her off our hands. We appreciate it!


  3. So looking forward to seeing this one - and you've made it even more intriguing. Thanks!


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