Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Definitely NOT Part Of A New Year Diet!

Thanks everyone for the wonderful pretzels suggestions.

Following a link from Fran, I came across these [here] which list processed/crushed pretzels among the ingredients.

chubby hubby cookies 

They rejoice in the wonderful appellation of

Chubby Hubby Cookies!

and if I made them, I think Bob would be very chubby.

I did look long and hard at their art&craft potential – Mags points out that some people object to using foodstuffs in that way when half the world is starving. That’s a valid point, and I am very guilty there [I confess to previous involvement in flour and water paste, teabag dyeing, potato printing, salt dough, popcorn chains, pasta pictures…oh dear] I think that keeping them for next year’s tree as Pastasmissus suggests might not work – they’d probably disintegrate in storage [unless I varnished them]

I am hoping to take cakes into the staffroom next week [see here] so I suppose I could take pretzels as well, Frances.

Or I could just grind them and put them in a jar to use instead of breadcrumbs as Liz suggests, maybe to coat chicken pieces [but how often do I actually use breadcrumbs when cooking?]

star pretzels

But thanks again for the ideas, everybody.

I have just spent the most delightful evening – but will blog more on that tomorrow.

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