Thursday, 6 January 2011

You Can’t Take It With You When You Go!


This popular motel chain has just released the list of bizarre items left behind in their bedrooms during 2010. Now I have occasionally left behind the odd toothbrush or magazine – but surely you would notice the absence of a lifesize Dalek or seven artificial limbs. Or your false teeth!


  • Life size electric Dalek with voice changer worth £1,650 [Newcastle ]
  • Set of gold dentures worth £6,500 [Bridgend]
  • Three seat antique rocking horse worth over £1,000 [Chessington]
  • Decree Absolute Divorce papers [Barnstable]
  • Keys to a Rolls Royce Phantom [Chester]
  • Rolex Watch £50,000, Hermes Handbag £8,000 [Leamington]
  • Bengal Kitten called Tiger worth £1000 [London Docklands]
  • Case of royal memorabilia – from Victorian era to present [Gatwick]
  • A four foot Yam [Cambridge Central]
  • £10,000 cash was left in the dustbin - A customer had brought the cash to purchase a car but the sale did not go through and he threw the wrong envelope into the bin [Warrington Central ]
  • Traffic lollipop stick [Harrogate]
  • A case designed to carry 7 artificial legs with different shoes [Wolverhampton]

And then there was this one…

A groom – was left tied up to the bed by his friends on the eve of his wedding as a joke. No one remembered to untie him on the morning of his wedding. The wedding had to be postponed for a couple of hours so that the groom could be found. [Kendal]

Poor chap – what kind of friends were they?


Apparently books are often left behind – in 2010 the top two ‘forgotten’ volumes were the autobiographies of Simon Cowell and Ant&Dec. Nuff Said!

We have just had overnight guests – ElizabethD and her husband, of the delightful “French Village Life” blog. She and I have been ‘blogfriends’ for a couple of years now, and have chatted on the phone and emailed quite regularly. It was really wonderful to actually meet them ‘properly’ for the first time yesterday.

They were travelling south to the ferry having spent Christmas with family, and broke their journey to stop with us for b&b. I wished they could have stayed longer, it was such fun having them with us. Maybe next time…I’m happy to report that they did not leave anything behind except lovely memories and a basket of hyacinths [we noticed they were very careful to take the much admired new iPad with them when they left!]


Poor Steph is really suffering with her wrist – she says it is very painful, and unfortunately the story of how she broke it is amusing, so people persist in teasing her, not realising the real discomfort she is suffering. I am resisting the inner urge to rush straight down to London and [s]mother her!


  1. How can we be sure that the dalek was left and didn't arrive of it's own accord?
    Jane x

  2. How Bizarre, those items are really strange and if something was that valuable or useful ( false legs) you would think people would remember them.
    How lovely to meet Elizabethd, it must be nice to put faces to names and doubly nice if you get on.


  3. Bizarre! Do people not triple check before they leave (or is that just my 'anal' streak?!)

    Hope Steph is soon feeling better - there's nothing more miserable than achey bones or joints.

  4. There's a show on TV here called "Storage Wars." Basically, if you don't pay the rent on a storage garage for 3 months, they auction it all off. People come and bid against each other for the entire contents of the garage. They aren't allowed to go inside, only to look from the outside. Sometimes they find junk, but they often find things that just make your mouth drop--entire collections of old baseball cards, an antique train set and a diamond bracelet, just to name a few. You have to wonder what people are thinking when they just walk away from stuff like that!

  5. How lovely if the actual Simon Cowell and Ant and Dec were left in hotel rooms - oh dear and me supposedly a good Christian girl - lol!

    Hugs to Steph - tell her not long now (a day or so) and the pain stops. Well that's what happened to me anyhows.

    Lovely to meet Elizabeth.

    Jane's comment made me laugh.

    And I am a triple checker too - they will never get my wooden leg carry case or Rolex (yeah right!)


  6. I like the wooden leg carry case the best. Or else the groom. Goodness me!

    How wonderful that you got to meet Elizabeth! If you ever come to North Carolina, you have an invitation here at Chez Frances!



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