Friday 29 August 2014

Family And Feasting

This year, our summer holiday seemed to be one long celebration of lots of different wonderful things –

  1. we are exactly halfway through our mortgage [something I never believed would happen when we took it on in 2009]
  2. Bob and I celebrated 35 years of marriage
  3. Steph and Mark are engaged
  4. we were able to spend lots of quality time with my brother and his family, our children and their partners, my best friend Christine, and our Cornerstones neighbours

So we celebrated- and we feasted. Boy, did we feast [despite that, I only put on 2lbs in weight] Look at all these wonderful meals


Row 1; The smoked pulled pork – for the BBQ, and then in the pie Row 2; lovely Sunday lunch at Darby’s [salmon, prawns, pie, f&c] Row 3; Jon’s smoked chickens with salad, Boston baked beans etc Row 4; Pancakes at The Albatros, moules et frites on our anniversary

family and food-002

Bob’s barbecue, Bob and Jon sorting out the smoker, Marion and Steph with Adrian’s barbecue. What is is about men and fire?

Finally, family members – at Hunstanton, at the Swaffham Festival, at family barbecues. What a glorious summer* we enjoyed together!

august 2014

*it did get a bit damp and windy at the Festival – which is why Bob his under his hood. Mostly the weather was good, you can tell that by the wearing of shorts and the paddling in the sea!


  1. Looks like a great time! Glad you got to enjoy such great meals and life in general!

    Take care

  2. Sounds great!!!! That's incredible about your mortgage! How is it so short? X

    1. We needed to pay it off before we retire, so got an 11yr mortgage and pay a HUGE amount each month, The first two years we managed a few over payments which reduced the end date to August 2019.

  3. "For fun and friends and good food we give you thanks O Lord" - one of my favourite graces!
    We are truly blessed to have friends and family to share good times and good food with. And your food looks fab!

  4. Barbecues are definitely men only!

  5. Men and BBQ's - Jon insists on doing all the cooking, all I have to do is sit, drink and eat! Life is tough but I do my best to deal with it! lol!


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