Saturday, 30 August 2014

Rust In Peace



It is just two months since my little blue Matiz clocked up 50,000 miles. At the time I was driving along happily, going through the village past the church. But since then…

  • the clutch had to be replaced,
  • then the clutch cable snapped,
  • then the speedo cable came adrift,
  • then one brake light failed,
  • then something got noisily stuck in an airvent
  • then it refused to go into reverse,
  • then there was a problem with the gearbox mountings…

… I got home from school yesterday [having been given a lift by a kind colleague] and Bob called me to sit down in the lounge. The news from the garage was not good – having fixed the mountings, they found that the gearbox is completely defunct and the car is ‘beyond economic repair’

That’s it then! We went over to the garage and paid for the first bit of gearbox work, and Bob drove it back to the village. Our drive is sloping- there is no way we could get it on and off again easily.

So currently the vehicle is ‘lying in state’ in the church car park.

We had hoped to get to next April before this happened [I will get a small lump sum on my birthday which we’d earmarked for car replacement] this deterioration has been remarkably rapid over the summer.

It’s only a car. But I shall certainly miss it!


  1. Don't say it's only a car! If yours is anything like mine it's heard all your secrets, listened as you giggle when you remember incidents and curse if life isn't altogether wonderful. No way is it "only a car". Or is that just mine?

    1. This is indeed true. I have often muttered, rejoiced and prayed aloud as I have driven along by myself.

  2. Sorry to hear about your car but you might just find as I did when mine died just as we got through the tunnel from France to England (how lucky was that!) that I am actually much better off financially without it! Of course I don't know what your daily travel entails and whether you can manage without a car but you might just be surprised.

    1. Love the tunnel story. Sadly I cannot manage to be a supply teacher without a car to get me and my equipment to the various places where I work

  3. Someone once said to me that cars are like computers and men: fine when they're working but a nuisance when something goes wrong! I couldn't possibly comment. RIP little Matiz. We love our little Fiat 500, named Happy.

  4. 3 words I do not like to hear - 'Beyond economic repair'!
    RIP Matiz.
    I do hope you find a 'new to you car' that can live up to the little Matiz. hugs xxx

  5. 50,000 Miles on the clock is not a lot.

  6. When my old jallopy passed its last MOT, my sister asked if I'd slept with the mechanic to get it through!!Funny sister. Then my boss bought me a new car (well, I could have had brand new but I didn't want to appear greedy so went for a nearly-new Polo)and it was so quiet, I had to listen very carefully when I turned the key in the ignition just to make sure it had started! My friend drove the old Polo to the scrapyard and remarked what a death-trap it was! Get a new car, you deserve it and it will give you peace of mind when you have to drive by yourself. Well worth it. x

  7. When it's time to go...
    I dread having to buy a new car.
    Jane x

  8. We had to take a couple of the FH's Volvos to the scrapyard when they "died" and one of them actually conked out at the roundabout at the end of the road from the yard and he had to coax it the last few metres! My beloved Astra estate car got so old that I eventually sold it to someone for £50, and he knew how to do stuff to it to keep it going - then he got caught with too many kids in the back AND no insurance and the car got crushed!!

  9. a car is not just a car for me it is my independence living in the sticks. I hope you manage to find a solution

  10. That's sad, Ang, particularly that it couldnt have lasted a bit longer. I do hope you find something at a good price and reliable.


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