Friday, 30 November 2018

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

For reasons too complicated to explain, Tuesday's "Day Off Together" did not begin till 6pm. But the driving rain had at least stopped, so we went into Bournemouth to look at the Christmas lights. 
We parked near the new Upside Down House. To be honest, we were a little underwhelmed, and didn't feel like paying to go inside. Looking at the billboard outside told you all you needed to know
The most interesting thing for me was the way the letters on the sign UPSIDE DOWN had been reversed and inverted. Sorry the picture is so blurry - but it shows how our eyes/minds can manage to decipher something as perverse as NMOD EDISPU when it is written upside down!
We walked down to the Wonderland Tree Trail
I was disappointed that both the Tree Of Light, and the massive "Wonderland Tree" were both switched off!
But many of the other trees were shining brightly and prettily as we walked through the gardens down towards the Pier and the beach.

It was around 6.45pm, and not that many people out - just a few families, and a handful of people skating on the temporary ice rink.
We were tired and hungry.Plan A had been 'buy a bag of chips and wander along the seafront' - but we opted for Plan B 'Go into Harry Ramsden's and have a decent meal sitting at a table'
This proved a very good choice. The place was lamost deserted, so we were seated and served promptly. And they have an 'Over 60s Club ' [getting older has a few perks!]
A fish&chip meal, followed by ice cream or bread and butter pudding, all accompanied by a huge pot of tea- for just £7.99 a head.
The portions were huge, the food well cooked and tasty and our waitress was extremely friendly and helpful.
I am getting a little better at taking selfies on the new phone, and remembering to hold it up higher. [but I think we both look tired in this shot]
After our meal, we strolled back to the car. I was hurrying Bob along so we'd get there inside the 2 hour limit - only to discover that after 6pm it was free parking anyway!
Home nice and early, to watch "Mrs Wilson" in my pjs, then straight to bed for a good night's sleep!
If you are near Bournemouth, then do pop along to see the lights - it is free and it is fun [I forgot to mention the Alpine Market in the Square - hot chocolate, gluhwein, and gift shops all in little wooden chalets]
What are the Christmas Lights like in your town?
And do any of your neighbours go overboard illuminating their houses?

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  1. Oh, the trees look lovely - I particularly like the one with circles on. I must say you do 'looking tired' a lot more attractively than I do!


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