Sunday, 18 November 2018

Hit The Pause Button!

Just two weeks from today, it will be the first Sunday of Advent.
Once again I'm going to be doing "Pause in Advent" posts for the first  4 Sundays in December.[Explanation here]
If you are interested in joining in, then please leave a comment so I can add your name to the list on my sidebar.
I know people are busy - and you may only manage one or two Advent posts [and possibly not on the Sundays] but this tradition, started by Floss a long time ago, has been appreciated by many bloggers. Posts can be on any relevant stop-the-Christmas-madness-and-just-take-a-breath theme [so not specifically Christian if you have other thoughts to share]
This is my 5th year of hosting, and you'll see I have changed our logo.
Do join us if you can- even if you're reading but not posting!


  1. I don’t have a blog Angela but I will be joining in by reading the posts. Thank you for hosting Pause in Advent again.

  2. I enjoyed participating in this, last year, so please include me. I will definitely be reading and I will try to post, as well.

  3. Yes, please- I'd love to join in again.
    I've just made my advent tea-light calendar - so simple - just put a strip of Christmassy tape around each of 24 tea lights!

    1. Kristen - I cannot seem to link to your blog. What is its name, please?


  4. I’ll participate again this year, Angela! Thanks for hosting this.

  5. I'd love to join in again Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!

  6. Hello. I'm late but would like to join please. Thanks for hosting


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