Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Winter Warmth

My teaching post is just halfterm till Christmas- so I am halfway through it. On cold dark days, it is tempting to turn over and stay in bed - but I have a pupil waiting and I must be up and out, bright eyed and bushy tailed. But there are some things for which I am incredibly grateful, which have ameliorated the inevitable stresses involved in early starts, hurried mealtimes and long days when I'm trying to fit too much in.

  1. My reliable little Aygo, which always starts first time. It's efficient heater and built in radio help make the commute better.
  2. My super extra-long ice-scraper from Lidl. My arms just won't reach right across to clear the screen at 7.25am [or any other time of day!]
  3. Hot chocolate. Doesn't need to be fancy, with cream and marshmallows- just a simple mug of this is always a thing of great cheer.
  4. IKEA meatballs. Especially since I realised you could microwave them. Instant comfort food - with pasta or mash or rice. Delicious!
  5. Bedsocks - I cannot get off to sleep with cold feet, and a kind blogfriend sent me these a few years back. They make such a difference.
  6. Gaviscon. Eating at odd hours is not good for my digestion. But this helps.
  7. Bob's wonderful smiling face which greets me each day - his love and encouragement make such a difference when the day has been ...trying.
What are the things that keep you going in this cold weather? 


  1. That's a wonderful list of what keeps you going, Angela. A working heater would be at the top of my list! Socks, knitted sweaters, my warm shawl, a cup of tea (hot chocolate, too!)

  2. Haha, funny you should post this because I have an incredibly similar draft in my blog posts listing my Top Winter Warmers! I should finish it (started it a year ago!). I can imagine the car is a God send. As I cycled to the station this morning, it was raining and a car splashed me with a big puddle and I thought enviously of those who were cosy! It's been increasingly hard to drag myself and Chris out of bed on these cold mornings. He stayed in bed an extra 20mins saying he didn't like school anymore. He was getting up as I left. Incredibly, he's not had a day off school for sickness ever. Not in 8 years of teaching! x

  3. P.S. I'd LOVE a hot chocolate right now. Or tea!


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