Thursday 18 July 2019

Pasta For The Pastor?

I entered an online competition to win a trip for two to Tuscany. I went to Florence about 18 years ago with Steph when she was doing art A Level. It was fantastic, I loved it - the art, the food, the people... I thought it would be good to take Bob. But sadly I didn't win - however I was a runner-up. The company emailed me to ask for my address. 
A parcel came, addressed to Mrs Almond Angela
Inside was a note saying this was my prize, and I'd won a selection of foods to introduce me to the produce of Fattoria la Vialla. FLV is a group of family run farms in Tuscany
There was a catalogue of the products, full of lovely photos. Wines, cheeses, olives and oils, pastas... All organic, grown using traditional methods. 
No plastic - just card, paper, straw and natural string
There was a packet of spaghetti, a small jar of tomato sauce, a little bottle of oil, another of white wine and a small corkscrew. Enough to make a meal for one. 

There was also a DVD about a year on the Farm - with a note apologising for the "amateur quality". Yes it was clunky in parts, but it was sunny and cheerful [and rather long, after an hour I wondered if it had been made in real time] The family are clearly very proud of their produce.  I checked out their websiteit is equally enthusiastic.
What a lovely surprise - thank you FLV for my prize!


  1. How delightful!!! Lovely to know their packaging was plastic-free also!

  2. That's a nice little gift! Hope you enjoy your pasta meal. :)

  3. In Italy and Sicily, it's customary to put the surname before the christian name when addressing mail. What a great prize though.I treated myself to an Italian meal out last night while in Glasgow with my sisters to see the Linda McCartney photographic exhibition at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Whilst I really enjoyed the meal, all the while I was thinking, 'I could feed myself for half a week with what this is going to cost me'!!!Great to dine out for a change though.Enjoy your 'happy' meals!

  4. Congratulations! I have had a look at the website and bookmarked it - what a lovely place. Tuscany is on my travel "wish list" - maybe one day....

  5. It must have been great to get a little gift like that!A little taste of Italy!


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