Friday, 19 July 2019

The Eagle Has Landed [In Norfolk]

Did you see the lunar eclipse on Tuesday? I was absolutely enthralled by the light, shadows and colours, there was a beautiful view from my bedroom window here in Dorset. This amazing picture was taken in nearby Mudeford [PAMedia/BBC] 
This is definitely a week for remembering the moon landing, and all that happened fifty years ago.
Earlier on Tuesday, I was in Norfolk - we'd made an overnight visit to Cornerstones in order to deliver a sofa and a bicycle, distribute invites to our Ruby Wedding Event, sort out The Patio Saga, and complete a few other tasks. Plus we got to go out for a meal on Monday evening with Adrian and Marion [Prezzo, Dereham - food very good, but service rather slow]
Someone in Swanton Morley obviously felt that the village needed reminding of the lunar celebrations - a tableau of Steven Spielberg filming Neil Armstrong had been set up on the roadside verge...
Against a green screen with earth and a couple of stars, Armstrong is stepping out towards the director. 
Clapperboard and megaphone to hand, with his knees knotted in a most uncomfortable way, the director is staring into the sunlight.
Armstrong [who appears to be pregnant and balancing precariously on a football] stretches out his hand as he steps onto the silvery lunar surface.
This is, as they say, quite "Normal for Norfolk"!


  1. How very....eccentric!! It's a good effort.
    Chris said that he thought there was a Lunar eclipse as the moon was only a little sliver but I was too exhausted to look, having got home after 10 from my concert. Shame on me!

  2. Was it Steven Spielberg or perhaps meant to be Stanley Kubrick, pertaining to his film '2001', because the conspiracy theorists maintain that the moon landings were actually filmed in a studio!!

    1. I think it is Spielberg - on the clapperboard there was a smudged word beginning with S and ending with BURG (sic) But you have a point. One of my favourite films is Capricorn One, a great space conspiracy thriller.

  3. Looks like the astronaut is James Bond? The armband says, OO7!


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