Friday, 26 July 2019


When I was doing my Post Grad Teacher Training at Oxford, I bought myself a lovely Ceramic Wedgwood Russell Hobbs Coffee Percolator. I'd load it up and spend the evening typing essays or preparing lessons- and constantly refilling my mug. Except friends often dropped round, and they too would share in my coffee. 
And then a few years later, along came my favourite Belgian, who declared he hated percolated coffee ["as bad as instant"] My Perc certainly brought out the worst in one coffee snob!
So The Perc was relegated to the back of the cupboard, and only ever comes out at Christmas, when I use it to make Wassail [recipe here]
But a recent audit of our coffee making equipment [here, Cornerstones and in Bob's Office at Church] has revealed a surfeit of kit for producing a variety of brews - cafetieres, electric machines, and a stovetop espresso maker. So this one has to go. I've just put it on eBay hoping there's a retro fanatic out there somewhere. Next Christmas the Wassail will be made in a saucepan.

I will let you know if it sells...
How do you make your coffee?


  1. I'm a coffee fanatic and have three mugs each morning before I get dressed. (Just finished my third now.) I have an insulated cafetiere but for single cups I use an in-mug filter.

    Having said that, I had no coffee at all yesterday - this heat is getting to me.

  2. We had the exact model bubbling away in our kitchen for years when I was growing up! And we called it the Perc. Our family didn’t drink tea then. Now, mainly tea, occasional coffee: instant if just us, cafetière if we have visitors.

  3. Feeling ignorant as I've only ever had instant and never owned any of the other coffee making things......wouldn't know what to do with them!

  4. I am very happy with instant coffee, although I drink more tea than coffee and I am particular about my tea!

  5. I drink neither coffee nor tea, only hot water (cold in summer) so have no coffee makers in my possession. Grandma's teapot and cosy is kept for guests who come but I never offer coffee. All the best for a sale of your pot.

  6. I don't make it often at home but when I do I have 2 French Press pots that I use. I used to have an electric drip machine but it just never seemed hot enough. Coffee is something that I usually have while out as restaurants here rarely make a decent cup of tea.

  7. I had one of those too! I use a cafetiere with French ground coffee.

  8. I had exactly the same thing. I remember buying it when first married in the 70's and feeling very sophisticated. Even my ghastly mother in law (who thought I was not good enough for him) was impressed.
    As it happens I was thinking about it very recently and have no idea what happened to it.


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