Saturday, 4 July 2020

Independence Day?

So much alters today
Derek and Ros are getting married at St Marys in Ferndown
[but with the minimum of people present,and no big reception after]
The wedding should have happened in March - it will be the first one that Sarah, the Rector, has conducted for months
Another friend has got a haircut booked first thing in the morning
Some people have planned to meet at the pub.
The Ferndown Library phoned me to say my book was in, and I could make an appointment to collect [I had to decline, I explained why, and the book has gone back into circulation]
And two other friends had hoped to meet up with children and grandchildren - but as they live in Leicester, that family reunion has had to be cancelled for now.
Kirby Muxloe, where we lived for 20 years, is just outside the Leicester Lockdown Zone. I have no idea how they are going to manage things - will city people nip over the motorway bridge just to down a pint in the Royal Oak? Or drive to the KM library to change their books?
I hope the little playgrounds can re-open soon, Rosie does so enjoy them, and the two we usually visit here seem to have very few other children playing anyway[maybe they all have their own gardens with swings etc]
UCF will remain closed for the time being - the WhatsApp groups, YouTube services and Zoom events are working well, keeping people connected, and a number who wouldn't be able to come out anyway are still able to feel involved. I'm not sure I'd enjoy Sunday worship 'socially distanced' with no singing. 

How much difference are these changes going to make for you?


  1. When things opened up over here, it didn't make any difference to me, because I am continuing to shelter at home. So far, the only times I've gone out of my house have been to pick up groceries from the curbside (well, parking lot, actually) and to drop items off at my friend's (she takes them from the trunk of my car).

    1. Keep safe and keep well, Bless. You seem to be managing to "shield" very well. I get the impression things are pretty bad in some parts of the USA right now

  2. Hmmm - I've been reading about all this of course but from my perspective it seems as though it's too much all at once and would make me very nervous.
    Canada is going through a very staggered opening based on your province's number of cases and then (because each is so large) area by area.
    Ontario was the last to start reopening and Toronto the last city in the province. Ontario is in stage 2 only although some more rural areas may move to stage 3 next week but they usually go through at least 2 to 3 weeks before moving to the next stage if numbers stay down.
    Stores can now all open but with restrictions.
    Restaurants/pubs are still patio only or takeout/delivery
    Hairdressers have opened & I had my haircut - they followed all rules scrupulously & I think even went above & beyond.
    The museum & art gallery will open next week but to members only to start & you have to book your time.
    Masks have been mandatory on public transit since last week and masks become mandatory in all indoor public/communal spaces as of next week - so really, everyone pretty much wears a mask at all times unless out for a walk in a park - that sort of thing. I can take mine off in my office if I'm by myself but if another person shows up (a rare occurrence since we are all only in for a few hours each week) then we must wear our masks.
    Swimming pools reopened but limited - children's splash pads have opened but playgrounds are still closed.

    Stage 3 will mean indoor eating at restaurants & cinemas - but again with many restrictions. Some sports teams will resume at the end of the month but no audience. It looks as though Toronto will be a hub city for the hockey teams but no one is quite sure yet where our baseball team will play. They got special permission to return to Toronto from Florida for Spring Training (they are all in a strict bubble at a hotel that adjoins the stadium) - Florida was getting to be too scary. But since they are the only Cdn. team and our border is closed to the US I think they will have to perhaps play in Buffalo - the farm team's stadium which is just across the border.
    No one here is anxious to go back into total lockdown so we would prefer to take it very slowly. Infection rate is now under 1% and dropping and we'd like to keep it that way!
    Churches have been able to open with restrictions for a few weeks now but mine has decided to stay closed until Sept. and keep doing Youtube services through the summer and the feedback on that decision has been very positive.
    Our border with the US stays closed until the end of the month and the hope is that it will stay closed after that - things are totally out of control there and getting worse.

    I urge you all to be very cautious - people have a tendency to go a bit overboard when things are eased and not use good common sense. Good luck

    1. "taking it slowly" seems the best way. I'm anxious that some people put economic issues ahead of health concerns. And that others go crazy with the slightest relaxation of restrictions. Like you, we are continuing with"virtual" church. Our buildings remain closed. Keep well, keep safe

  3. We are extremely nervous about the re-opening of pubs and eating places. We had a lovely lunch on the 4th at our nearby favourite pub and there were only two other couples in. The owners took everything very seriously and we felt very safe.
    I wouldn't want to go anywhere near a town centre with its pubs, caf├ęs and bars. I doubt that after a few pints those that were half hearted about social distancing will be able to stop themselves from mingling normally and having a jolly good time.
    Time for us to keep our heads down I think.

  4. Bob had to go out last night and drove past the two local pubs - both of which appeared to be very full of customers he said. From the news reports this morning, it does seem that the very merry revellers were oblivious to distancing rules. I shall stay home with a jigsaw and a mug of drinking chocolate [not that I have ever regarded 'saturday night at the pub' as a major entry in my calendar!]


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