Saturday, 11 July 2020

It's Not You, It's Me

Living by myself at Cornerstones for 4 weeks has been an interesting experience. I'm coping OK. And I've learned a lot about myself...
When I last lived alone it was the 1970s as a newly qualified teacher. I got up fairly early, worked hard all day,  and was usually in bed by 10pm. I was a lark. Who married an owl. And over the years, Bob has had to accommodate my early rising, when I need to be out by 7am to get to school in time to set up my classroom. Meanwhile, I've struggled with his late retiring - he often spends the day studying a Bible passage, and around 11pm, the sermon inspiration appears, and he has to write it down. "Burning the candle at both ends" means we've adapted to less sleep.  So I thought I could go back to how it used to be... But I'm still pottering about late at night getting little jobs done, and our goodnight WhatsApp call is rarely before 10.30. Similarly I've noticed that at the Good Morning wakeup call, Bob's already up and dressed and pottering about. I'm permanently tired...

Also, I thought that living alone I'd start to lose weight. I'm run off my feet with Rosie, which ought to burn off the calories.  I thought I'd be eating less because it's only me I am cooking for, and I'm missing the "cup of tea and biscuit" which frequently appears on my desk when I'm working. But my weight hasn't changed at all.

Living alone in a smaller property means less house cleaning and less laundry. But there seems to be just as much to do [no shirts to iron though] and I'm conscious how much Bob does, now he's not around to do it [thank you!]. 
So clearly fatigue, fat and domestic failures are entirely my responsibility. I have no one else to blame... 
But I am not going to be completely negative - 
  • I'm teaching 5 days a week [for the first time in years]
  • I've got into a regular bread-baking/yogurt-making routine
  • I've done a surprising amount of gardening [mostly mowing and weeding]
  • I've done a project in the garage using the electric drill
  • I'm up to date with my knitting weather scarf
  • I've done two jigsaws, finished off a baby cardi and made a cover for the bench seat
  • And even managed a socially distanced walk with my best friend Chris and her sister
So yes, I am coping - but I am also looking forward to being in a two-person household again, and even more to when all these strange times are over...

PS - There are even more new people following this blog since I arrived in Norfolk 4 weeks ago. Welcome, thank you for joining us.


  1. You are doing a lot during your days, teaching Rosie, in addition to everything else. No wonder you are tired! As for losing weight, I've lived alone for the past 6 years and my weight went down only when I had my cancer treatments; it has since gone back up, again!

  2. I'm almost back up to full time teaching, I'm missing my long daily walks and with all the bread and rice I'm eating the weight is creeping up. However it's Saturday, breakfast in bed, a few errands and a long walk are planned for today.

    1. I hope things are good in the Cooper household - I know your OH is also adjusting to very different work patterns, which will bring extra stress, I'm sure. It's 9.30 and I'm still in bed, relaxing... Bliss!

  3. I am in aweof all you are doing Ang, it isnt easy givng so much of yourself....which one has to do with a small person. But you will both look back on this time of making memories. Keep trying to find a rest period.

    1. The "making of memories" is important. Maybe in decades to come, a child will say "What did you do in the pandemic, Mummy?" and Rosie will say "I had my own school with Grandma"

  4. In the last few years before we retired Nick often worked away from home for a couple of weeks at a time and I found it really hard to stay motivated to eat properly and do the chores. I would lose a couple of pounds then put slightly more back on when he got back craving proper home cooking!

  5. I'm so pleased o see that you give yourself credit for all that you do and don't dwell on the small things not accomplished - and yes, I'm one of those also trying to lose that eight gained during lockdown!
    As Elizabeth said - this time of making memories is truly precious and will no doubt reap benefits to all of you well into the future.

  6. Wow... feel tired just reading about your busy time! We are enjoying a few weeks of Emma's company before she starts her permanent job back in Newcastle. They ran out if Covid patients at Bishop Aukland so she finished there at the end of June.

    1. So glad that Emma can have time at home with you two right now (even if Leicester is in lockdown). Some of the stuff I've been doing with Rosie is based on Supply Lessons I did at Stafford Leys!


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